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White Ceramic Dental Implants

Made from pure ceramic, these dental implants are a high-end esthetic solution for missing teeth. Patients who receive pure white ceramic implants can expect an implant that is strong, looks great and has many of the same benefits as natural teeth.


Metallic Dental Implants

Here are some of the drawbacks that can be associated with dental implants made from metal:

  • Often have permanent, low-grade gum inflammation/infection

  • Due to biomechanics, always have some bone loss with time

  • Can cause bone loss next to healthy teeth

  • Unnatural, dark appearance at gumline

  • Dental restoration/appliance less esthetics   

  • Metal alloys and implant coatings leach from the implant and are absorbed into body                 

  • Non-holistic, some patients report health issues

Ceramic (Metal-Free) Implants

Here are some of the advantages that metal-free dental implants provide:

  • Zero gum inflammation/infection

  • No bone loss

  • Do not cause bone loss next to healthy teeth

  • Natural, more healthy gumline appearance

  • Dental restoration / appliance more esthetic with no dark visible lines

  • Ceramic is close to natural bone structure. Do not leach or absorb into the body

  • Holistic – no patients report health issues and some patients report health improvements

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