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10 Questions To Ask Your Dental Implant Dentist

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Dental implants are a life-changing decision for anyone, whether you're a resident of the Chicago Metropolitan Area or not.

They permanently improve your appearance, replacing missing teeth, giving you confidence to smile more and the ability to eat foods without pain. They’re a significant commitment both financially and cosmetically, though, so it’s important to know all the facts before you commit.

Here are 10 questions everyone should ask their potential dental implant dentist.

1. Are dental implants the best solution for missing teeth?

Before you even start asking about details, you’ll need to know if implants are the best option for you and if you're an ideal candidate or not. Age, tooth structure and whether you smoke are just a few of the things Dr. Petrungaro (or whichever dentist you see) will need to know before giving you a recommendation.

Bone grafts and other techniques are options for those in the Chicago area with missing teeth who have been told they weren't candidates in the past.

2. Will insurance cover my dental implants?

Many insurance companies don’t completely cover the cost of dental implants, but some do, so it's worth looking into partial coverage at the very least. Asking this question when you visit our Lemont or Oakbrook Terrace locations lets us know you are interested in figuring out your options for insurance and/or tax deductions.

3. What are my payment options?

We provide consultations and written quotes, which are both important for big investments like dental implants. It’s important to know how flexible your dental office is with payments, as some require one payment and others can work with you on a payment plan. At StartSmiling Chicago, we work with you and your budget.

4. How much dental implant experience do you have?

Since dental implants are such a huge decision, you want a dentist who has experience with hundreds of dental implant placements. You can ask about training, years working with dental implants, success rate and even the specific number of dental implants they’ve performed. Whatever you need to ask for peace of mind, go for it.

Dr. Petrungaro is a world-renowned implant surgeon who is an expert at restoring failed dentistry. He has helped thousands of patients restore their smiles. In addition, he is an International Dental Implant Educator and is top rated by Chicago patients and providers.

5. Is your equipment up to date?

At our Chicago dental implant practice, we utilize the best technology and equipment for our patients. After all, this allows Dr. Petrungaro to complete your dental implant procedure more accurately and efficiently. From 3D X-rays to innovative dental implants like full-arch implants, advanced equipment can give you better service.

6. Will you be performing all of the procedures?

While some dentists perform surgeries and implant placement, others only do one or the other. And still others may only restore the implant after surgery and placement. We'd be happy to over the process and how it works at StartSmiling Chicago.

7. How many visits will this require?

It depends on the tooth-replacement solution you choose. Some advanced dental implant procedures, like full-arch implants, take less than one day. Others, like traditional dental implants, can take three to six months. Finally, other solutions like crowns, bridges and so forth may require multiple visits.

8. Will I be awake during the procedure?

One of the biggest fears many people in Chicago have about the dentist is feeling pain during a procedure. At our dental implant practice, we utilize IV sedation and other sedation options to ensure the experience is free from discomfort

9. How long is the recovery time?

The good news is that dental implants only take three to four months to completely integrate with the jaw. But the time before being able to chew solid food again can vary. Ask Dr. Petrungaro during your consultation about your estimated timeline

10. How long do implants last?

Dental implants aren’t called “Permanent Teeth to Last a Lifetime” for nothing! Most last forever (when they are properly cared for), but it’s important to get confirmation from your dentist first.

If you're ready for a dental implants consultation, contact us today!

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